"I'm asking you to vote for Brad Bradford on October 22 as your next Councillor for Beaches-East York. Brad has the passion and experience to make this city work for you. And I think he will be a fresh new voice on City Council. I need Brad at City Hall so we can get the transit built, keep our neighbourhoods safe, and keep our city affordable - all while working with other levels of government. Vote Brad Bradford." 
  • Mayor John Tory


"It is with little hesitation that I offer my endorsement to Brad BRADFORD for Councillor of Beaches-East York. Brad has a proven track record of delivering results at City Hall that make our lives better. He understands that City Hall is about getting things done for people, not political theatre. Brad understands the community and the challenges we all face, because he has spent his career building a better city and being part of his community. Brad is the clear choice if you’re looking for a Councillor who is beholden to you, the voter - not party lines."

  • Kyle Ashley, Former Toronto Police Service member out of 55 Division, and Safe Streets Advocate.


Brad is our best hope in Beaches -East York for effective representation that cuts across party lines to better our community.
  • Arthur Potts, former MPP Beaches-East York


"Brad Bradford is a young and energetic urban planner who knows how the city works. His tenacity will allow him to get the job done and his independence will allow him to work across political lines for the greater good of Toronto. Oh, and his promise of term limits impresses me too.”

  • Mary-Margaret McMahon, City Councillor, Beaches Ward


“Brad’s approach to solving community and city-wide challenges will be a huge asset at city council. His experience and fresh approach to solving problems will improve the lives of all residents in Beaches - East York.”

  • Gail Nyberg, former Executive Director of the Daily Bread Food Bank


"I have had the chance to work with Brad both as a shopkeeper and as a resident, and I have always been impressed with his energy and commitment to improving our main streets. No doubt, his combination of big-picture vision and behind-the-scenes City Hall experience can deliver real and lasting change, and give small businesses a better shot at success.”

  • Billy Dertilis from Red Rocket Coffee


"Brad’s compassion and energy for our community will make him an excellent representative for Beaches - East York at City Hall. Brad will get things done and be there when you need him."

  • Julie Watson from Afterglow Studio


"The complexities and challenges facing our city require someone with Brad’s experience and vision."

  • Case Ootes, Former Deputy Mayor, City of Toronto


“After careful consideration, Brad Bradford is the candidate for Beaches-East York whom I am supporting for the position of councillor. Brad is someone who can unite the community rather than divide it by using populist tactics of exploiting divisive issues as vote bait. Brad has the experience and professional background to make informed decisions affecting the community. He is also someone who will carefully listen to both sides of an issue and find a common point of agreement to work from. Brad also believes in safe, healthy, and sustainable communities. I hope that you will consider him when you go to vote this October.”

  • Joe Cooper, “Watchdog”


"Brad Bradford brings all the right skills, experience and values needed to improve housing affordability in Beaches-East York and across Toronto. Knowing his work as a city planner and active community member, I know he will be a dynamic advocate for his community and be a strong, innovative voice for a bold city vision."

  • Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão, Toronto's Housing Advocate