Support Beaches Montessori – Province should make the distance rules for schools and cannabis stores consistent

A cannabis retail store is using a loophole in Provincial legislation to apply for a license just steps from Beaches Montessori School. Please join me in supporting the school in opposing this application and calling on the Province to make the rules on cannabis store locations consistent.  

Cannabis licenses are issued by the Province and municipalities can’t regulate locations. If approved, the store at 964 Kingston Road would be steps from the school at 950 Kingston Road and within the minimum 150 metre buffer between schools and cannabis retailers required by law. 

The legal loophole means that minimum distance requirements don’t apply to some schools like Beaches Montessori. This is a problem. The rules that exist should apply consistently. I believe that we should challenge the proposed location and keep the same distance requirements for all schools. This is an opportunity for the Province to solve a problem with cannabis legalization implementation early. I’ll be writing to the Premier and calling on the Province to make these rules consistent for all school types.

I want to be clear – I am not against the legalization of cannabis. I believe that we govern best when we govern consistently. It’s important to make the rules, and the people’s lives they affect, less complicated. 

If you agree, please sign the petition and provide your feedback directly to the Province here (or search for File No. 729799 here). The commenting period will run until November 22nd.

Will you sign?