Public Health

Stop the cuts to Toronto Public Health

We need your help to send Premier Doug Ford a strong message, he has gone too far by cutting $1 billion from our city’s community health programs.

As we’ve seen too many times with this Premier, there aren’t many details but we know the cuts have immediate impacts by putting a $65 million hole in the City of Toronto’s 2019 Public Health budget, climbing to a $1 billion shortfall over ten years.

These cuts have a direct impact on our whole Beaches-East York community and the almost 100 public health services and programs Toronto Public Health provides in our communities. Programs like school immunization, food inspections, diabetes prevention, leadership skills training for at risk youth, and outbreak response.

By signing this petition I call on Premier Ford to cancel all cuts to Toronto Public Health’s budget and protect health programs in Beaches-East York and the City of Toronto.

Will you sign?