Transit riders in Toronto are under strain. Congested trains, platform overcrowding, and service delays. These issues affect the lives of our 1.7 million TTC riders every day.

Despite divided opinions on the ongoing 'TTC upload' negations between the City and Province one thing is clear: Toronto needs transit relief now.

In my capacity as Toronto's Relief Line Champion I passed a motion at March City Council to reiterate the importance of the Relief Line to the Premier and MPPs at Queen's Park. I have written to the Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek, urging him to recognize the Relief Line as Ontario’s top transit priority (see a copy of my letter below). 

We need the Relief Line before we consider any other transit expansion project. Without it we cannot add capacity to our system or address the real frustrations of millions of transit riders each day.

I am calling on you to add your voice below so we can send a clear message to Premier Ford and Queen's Park that no matter what the direction of the upload negotiations, the Relief Line be Ontario's top transit priority. 

Thank you for your support. 

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