Our streets provide access to our homes and our businesses, and connect us to our neighbours. The central role streets play in our lives means they have to be safe for everyone. We need better planning for bike lanes, more input from road users who are the local experts, and a real plan to keep Beaches-East York roads safe and moving.

Safer streets are also about giving everyone the ability to travel comfortably, reliably, and safely — that includes building the Downtown Relief Line, prioritizing streetcars on Queen, and improving road design. Twenty years ago very few people predicted our population would surpass that of Chicago. Today, we’re left with a road network that doesn’t support new ways people are getting around — namely, the increasing volumes of pedestrians and cyclists. We have an opportunity to change that.

There is no shortage of ways to make driving, biking, and walking safer. But we need a local government with the vision and the political will to make it happen.  Different areas will call for different solutions but there are immediate steps we can take like:

  1. Improving traffic signal systems to speed the flow of vehicle traffic;
  2. 30 km/h local street limits with enforcement measures where needed;
  3. Barrier curbs for bike lane separation;
  4. Streamlining the process for installing traffic calming measures;
  5. Expanding neighbourhood cycling connections;
  6. A full commitment to the Vision Zero goal of reducing road deaths to zero.