Beaches-East York is known for our vibrant main streets that serve as the heart of our neighbourhoods. These main streets are where we chat with neighbours, spend time with family, and come together as a community. The health of our main streets is fundamental to the strength of our community.

Today, our main streets are struggling with vacancies and high turnover. Acknowledging the problem is not enough — we need to take action. I will support our main streets by working with the business community — and that includes better communicating the needs of residents to entrepreneurs and expanding businesses.

My 5-point plan for supporting local businesses and strengthening our main streets:

  1. Bring back jobs to our main streets to generate daytime, year-round customers;

  2. Deliver Pop-up Tenants and Incubating Local Entrepreneurs. Learn from the successes of DECA (Danforth East Community Association) to apply a ‘pop-up’ shop model to main streets throughout Beaches-East York. Develop a Beaches-East York business incubation strategy to connect growing local businesses with property owners seeking tenants;

  3. Ensure retail design is at the forefront of space planning for new developments;

  4. Work with BIAs and residents to identify the types of businesses the community needs;

  5. Reduce start-up costs and accelerating the permit process for entrepreneurs and those looking for short-term and sub-leases.