Transit is about access to opportunity and bringing mobility to those who need it most. It’s about thinking of roads and transit as a whole network and understanding that in today’s economy, people need to move all-day in all directions. Transit has to be convenient, reliable, and affordable. But for decades, we have deferred critical investments in transit infrastructure.

Prioritizing mobility isn’t controversial. We all want easier, cheaper, and safer ways of getting around the city. So, let’s get to work. I am committed to getting the east end moving with getting shovels in the ground to build the Relief Line (the planned subway down Queen Street into downtown), more streetcars on Queen, new all-day, everyday express service on Victoria Park, and a Main TTC/Danforth GO transit solution. Improving Presto service and delivering more reliable transit service are also immediate priorities.

While we need better transit options, we also need those options to be affordable and fair. I will start by advocating the TTC to remove the premium fare on the 143 Beach/Downtown Express. We should not be penalizing residents who work downtown and take the 143 Beach Express by making them pay an extra $43 dollars a month.