Brad Bradford, an urban planner, and active community member, spends his days working with the government, businesses, not-for-profits, and community groups to build a better Toronto. Now, he is running for council in Beaches-East York to ensure that desire for a better Toronto is shared by a local government focused on progress and accountability. Brad and his wife, Kathryn, are avid cyclists, volunteers, and are proud to call Beaches-East York home.

Brad knows Toronto is a great place to live but also knows that residents are facing serious challenges. As your Toronto City Councillor in Beaches-East York, his focus will be on tackling affordability, improving road safety, revitalizing our main streets, and improving service delivery for residents. Brad brings a pragmatic, non-partisan approach to local government with a commitment to community-led change.

Brad received a Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Urban and Regional Environments from York University, and then earned a Masters in urban planning from the University of Waterloo. Since then, he has spent his career making a difference by planning smarter, fairer neighbourhoods, addressing local issues, and giving a voice to those typically left out.

Brad worked the Canadian Desk for the International District Energy Association where he focused on urban energy strategies and economic development. After three years, Brad joined the Chief Planner’s Office at the City of Toronto. His knowledge of city operations means he can hit the ground running and get to work for you right away. Outside of his day job, Brad is a Fellow in CivicAction's DiverseCity Fellowship, which is an award-winning program for rising leaders who are interested in creating change in their communities. Additionally, Brad serves on the board of the Danforth East Community Association.

Brad believes that we have to work harder than ever to help people get ahead. That means electing representatives willing to make tough, informed decisions as we work for a better tomorrow. For Beaches-East York, that tomorrow starts with strong local businesses, safer streets, investments in park spaces and transit, and a more affordable city.

Between now and election day, Brad will be meeting with neighbours every day, talking with people about the issues that matter to them.

He would love to hear from you.