Beaches-East York Road Safety Polls

ByBrad Bradford

Road safety is my top local priority. I’m working with neighbourhoods across Beaches-East York to introduce road safety measures like stop-signs, speed humps and safety zones onto local streets. The City’s bylaws require a polling process in order to introduce road safety measures on a local street. With large backlogs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m working directly with the community to run polls on road safety interventions so that our efforts to make our streets safer don’t fall behind.

Please look for your street below (listed alphabetically) and fill out the poll for the road safety measures the City’s reviewing. Only fill out polls for streets you live on. The information in these polls is confidential and will not be shared publicly. If you have questions or don’t see your street listed, please reach out to my office and we can explore whether road safety measures can be introduced on your street:, 416-338-2755, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Stay safe,
– Brad


CLOSED POLLS (Stay tuned for more information!)

  • Alan Hutchinson Lane – Speed Humps
  • Amroth Avenue – Dual Sided Parking & Speed Humps
  • Balfour Ave – Speed Humps
  • Balsam Avenue – Speed Humps
  • Bastedo Ave – Speed Humps
  • Binswood Avenue (O’Connor Dr to Cosburn Ave) – Speed Humps
  • Bowmore Road (Gerrard St E to Wrenson Rd) – Speed Humps
  • Cambrai Avenue – Speed Humps
  • Cassels Avenue – Speed Humps
  • Chisholm Ave (Lumsden Ave to Hamstead Ave) – Speed Humps
  • Coleridge Ave – Speed Humps
  • Cosburn Avenue – Pedestrian Crosswalk
  • Coxwell Boulevard – Permit Parking
  • Drayton Avenue – Speed Humps
  • Dunkirk Road – Speed Humps
  • Fairmount Crescent (Bowmore Rd to Bellhaven Rd) – Speed Humps
  • Ferris Road & Ferris Crescent – 3-Way Stop
  • Glebeholme (Coxwell to Woodbine Ave) – Speed Humps
  • Gledhill Avenue (Danforth to Lumsden) – Dual Sided Parking
  • Hambly Ave & Williamson Rd – 3-Way Stop
  • Harris Ave – Speed Humps
  • Heyworth Crescent – Turn Restrictions or One-way conversion
  • Holmstead Ave & Glenburn Ave – 4-Way Stop
  • Keystone Avenue – Speed Humps
  • Kingsmount Park Rd (Gerrard St E to Fairmount) – Speed Humps
  • Kingsmount Park Rd (Gerrard St E to Wildwood Cres) – Speed Humps
  • The Laneway Project/Main Street Station – Northern Laneway
  • Lee Ave – Speed Humps (Kingston to Norway)
  • Lockwood Rd – Speed Humps
  • Lyall Avenue – Speed Humps
  • Machockie Road – Speed Humps
  • Merrill Ave W – Speed Humps
  • Milverton Blvd – Double Sided Parking (Woodbine to Woodmount Ave)
  • Milverton Blvd – Speed Humps (Woodmount to Glebmount Ave)
  • Nursewood Road – Speed Humps
  • Oak Park Ave (Danforth to Lumsden) – Traffic Calming
  • Oak Park Ave (Lumsden to Cosburn) – Speed Humps
  • Queensdales Ave (Glebemount to Woodbine) – Permit Parking
  • Rainsford Road (Queen to Dixon) – Speed Humps
  • Ralston Avenue – Permit Parking
  • Ripon Road – Speed Humps & Turn Restrictions
  • Roblin Ave – Speed Humps
  • Roseheath Avenue – Speed Humps
  • Rosevear Ave – Parking Reconfiguration
  • Scarboro Beach Blvd. – Speed Humps
  • Scarborough Road (Pine Ave to Queen St) – Speed Humps
  • Sibley Ave – Speed Humps & 3-Way Stop
  • Squires Ave – Speed Humps & Stop Signs
  • Stephenson Avenue – Speed Humps
  • Taylor Drive – Permit Parking
  • Trimontium Crescent – Permit Parking
  • W Lynn Ave – Speed Humps
  • Westlake Ave – Intersection Safety
  • Wolverleigh Blvd – Speed Humps
  • Woodington Ave – Speed Humps