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Why Brad?

Behind the Name

Since the campaign started, I've been to over 40,000 doors so far and I can tell you people want a responsive local government that fights for community-led change and candidates that understand the issues.  

I want my community to know: I’ve got your back and will tirelessly advocate for Beaches-East York.  

We know Toronto is a great place to call home but we also know we need to make our streets safer, address inequality, improve transit, provide more access to children’s programs, and address environmental challenges locally by protecting trees and reducing plastic pollution. I believe in a pragmatic, non-partisan approach to local government and getting things done.  

Between now and election day, I will be meeting with my neighbours every day to discuss the challenges facing our community and ensure that all voices are included in shaping our shared future.

I will be making the city work for you.

For more information or to get in touch, please visit or call (647) 348-7130

Twitter: @BradMBradford

Instagram: @bradfordgrams


We also have a survey of community priorities for Beaches - East York that you can fill out.

I would love to hear from you.

- Brad