Toronto’s Electric Vehicle Strategy

ByBrad Bradford

The City’s Electric Vehicle strategy was approved through City Council earlier this week. It identifies a range of actions that we need to take to achieve our goal of no combustion-engine vehicles by 2050. After declaring a climate emergency last year, this was an important step to take to begin to limit our greenhouse gas emissions. The City identified four main areas of opportunity;

  • Charging Availability
  • Cost & Convenience
  • Education & Advocacy
  • Economic Opportunities

An estimated 30% of Toronto’s GHG emissions are from personal vehicles. While 2050 is a far off goal, a culture shift of this magnitude will need time to take root. This plan provides actions that we must take today to have a realistic chance at meeting the City’s goal for 2050. Are you interested in making your next vehicle electric? Here’s a quick list of some rebates and programs you may be eligible for.