An Update on the Beaches Fox Family

ByBrad Bradford

The young foxes underneath the boardwalk on the beach are becoming more independent. They’re venturing out further from their den, sometimes on their own, to hunt. Volunteers from the Toronto Wildlife Centre and our community have been acting as educators to passersby and instilling a healthy fear of humans in the kits. These efforts have been successful, as the foxes are generally more averse of humans than before the volunteers arrived. The kits are likely to head out on their own in the coming weeks, and the fencing around their den has been removed.

Please continue to follow the guidelines near the den for the next weeks as they move on. Here’s how you can help:

  • Keep your dogs leashed and far away from the foxes
  • Please do not approach them or feed them! They will associate humans with food and become tame, often with fatal consequences
  • Lead by example and encourage your neighbours and fellow dog-walkers to do the same

A huge thank you to all the volunteers that spent several weeks watching over the newest East Enders. There were many long hours and late nights, but you educated thousands of residents on how to respectfully interact with these beautiful animals. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.