Families with young children or couples thinking about family planning are seriously concerned with finding high-quality, affordable child care.

A major part of my role as your councillor will be lobbying the provincial and federal government for investment in this area. The provincial government supports a rather lackluster rebate program which, based on what we know so far, does little to create more quality spaces and train more early childhood educators. We need more from both our provincial and federal counterparts so we can create more spaces for families and address unaffordability.

We also have a lot of work to do at the municipal level.  We have to step up for families and that means fighting for more money for child care subsidies, supporting non-profits and small businesses looking to open up quality spaces, expediting the Child Care Growth Strategy, and improving the subsidy system altogether.

The current Child Care Growth Strategy is sound but families can’t wait until 2026 for more spaces and lower fees. Early childhood educators can’t wait almost a decade for decent salaries. We have to get moving on that sooner, especially if the province refuses to be the active partner we need them to be.

As for the wait-list, we need to explore options to centralize the wait list, and better connect families with resources. Expanding eligibility for subsidies to reflect the changing nature of work is also necessary.

I am committed to work with the community on fighting for child care solutions that work for local families. We are all better off when children are learning and cared for and we know all of the economic benefit that comes with getting parents back into the workplace by removing the burden of costly child care.

This is a priority for young families in Beaches-East York and will be a priority for me as your local representative.

Feel free to read the Child Care Growth Strategy here: