Community Response to COVID-19

ByBrad Bradford

As a community, we demonstrate our strength by how we respond to adversity. I’ve had many residents reach out to me during the COVID-19 response. Not in fear, or panic, but wanting to help their neighbours. As your Councillor, I want to provide good advice, clarity, and the latest information on the recommendations of our public health professionals.

Like every other aspect of COVID-19, we have to move ahead calmly, with all the latest information, and the right amount of preparation. Here are some steps I’m taking to channel the wave of good intentions and be prepared for what might come next at the community level:

  • I am preparing a list of volunteers, including some of those who have commented on the posts that have already gone up online.
  • Simultaneously, I am collating information of residents who might benefit from an extra check-in or additional support (we are also trying to access existing lists of seniors in the community through City programs).
  • IMPORTANTLY – I am getting advice from Toronto Public Health (TPH) before connecting these two groups of people.
  • Good intentions can have negative effects when dealing with something like coronavirus. Without proper, healthy precautions, connection people with vulnerable or exposed residents could contribute to the spread of the virus. Our main focus has to be to prevent inadvertent transmission.
  • As soon as I get the go-ahead from TPH, I will connect volunteers and those looking for some extra support.
  • Please fill out this form or call my office (416-228-2755) if you would like to be added as a volunteer or request additional support in case of a community response to COVID-19:

I will be sharing regular, community-focussed updates through my newsletter. You can sign-up here:

Above all – stay calm, and help one another where you can. We’ll get through this as a community.