The Laneway Project – Danforth and Main

ByBrad Bradford

Public spaces work best when they work together as an integrated, people-friendly network — when people can move safely and easily through and between them.

Laneways in our community present a huge amount of untapped potential. While laneways usually serve a utilitarian purpose, with thoughtful community input they can transform the look, feel, and safety of a neighbourhood.

The Laneway Project is a non-profit organization that works with communities and local governments to upgrade and activate laneways as well as advocating for laneway-friendly policies.

The Danforth-Main Laneway Connection project will revitalize three laneways along Danforth East, near Main station. The goals are to increase around-the-clock visibility and safety as well as create permeable and people-friendly edges with the neighbouring walkways and park. For more information on the project, click here!

Want to get involved in the project? There are a few ways for you to share your feedback:

If you have any other questions on the project or how you can get involved, reach out to my office at!