Recording of the Woodbine Bike Lanes Community Meeting

ByBrad Bradford

Recording of the Community Meeting on Jan 18th, 2021

The Woodbine bike lanes have been a source of heated debate in our community since they were installed in fall 2017. Since I was elected City Councillor in December 2018, I have been clear that I will work with the community to find ways to improve the road design to reduce congestion and cut-through traffic on surrounding streets.

After extensive consultation – including a large public meeting in April 2019 and some COVID related delays – City staff prepared a new design for Woodbine between Kingston Road and Gerrard Street East. I invited the community to attend a meeting to learn more about the proposal and share their input.

The goal for the proposed changes is to prioritize road safety by maintaining the bike lanes and finding every possible way to improve traffic flow to address concerns about congestion and related cut-through traffic on neighbouring streets.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the meeting but want to share your input – please reach out! Send me an email at [email protected].