Supporting a Missing Middle Housing Pilot in Beaches East-York

ByBrad Bradford

As we continue the battle against COVID-19, let’s not lose sight of the important work we’re introducing to improve housing in the city. While the pandemic has shifted how and where we live, Toronto’s housing crisis has remained all too constant. If we want to build back a Toronto of opportunity, we need to introduce more housing options – for the folks here today and for those who’d like to join us in the future.

The Missing Middle is about bringing in options “in-between” the multi-million dollar house or high-rise condo. Missing Middle can refer to the need for middle of the road affordability and to the physical forms (like duplexes, triplexes, and low rise apartments) we need more of.

Back in 2020, I put up my hand to bring a Missing Middle Pilot project to Beaches-East York. At this week’s meeting of Planning and Housing Committee, we’ll be considering a report to set us out on finding a city-owned site to develop into Missing Middle housing. While the report provides the technical plan, it’s your voice that will make this happen and bring the best outcomes for our community.

As we continue to stay healthy by staying home, consider taking a few moments to share your thoughts on the Pilot with the Committee. As we launch this work, your support and feedback are going to be crucial. Comments don’t need to be long – even a few sentences helps move us forward.

Together, let’s get to work to make a Missing Middle project a reality in the East End. CLICK HERE TO SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK ON THE BEACHES EAST YORK MISSING MIDDLE PILOT.

I can always be reached at [email protected] to discuss your thoughts and questions. While written comments will be part of the public record, you can also register to speak to the Committee directly by clicking here and hitting “Register to Speak”.

For more information on the Missing Middle or the Pilot, you can visit the City website here and more details on the first steps of the Pilot here.