Road Safety: Progress Update

ByBrad Bradford

Back to school brings mixed emotions. On the morning of a new Council year, I’m thinking about my priorities for the year ahead. Road safety is top of mind.

Our Beaches-East York community showed its passion for making community-led change, passing nearly 20 local road-safety measures at Community Council in addition to the dozens of safety projects part of the regular work program.

Below is a table of what we got done (not including the regular work program). If you want to get involved or support local road safety efforts on your street, please contact my office and learn more about the different initiatives here.

Road Safety Initiatives Passed at Toronto-East York Community Council
Ward 19 – Beaches-East York
January-July 2019

15-Jan-19TE2.46Parking Amendments – Chapman Avenue 
15-Jan-19TE2.47Parking Amendments – Woodbine Avenue 
15-Jan-19TE2.57Speed Limit Reduction – Sammon Avenue 
14-Feb-19TE3.58Traffic Calming – Speed Humps – Boardwalk Drive 
19-Mar-19TE4.68All-way Stop Controls – Woodmount Avenue and Holborne Avenue 
24-Apr-19TE5.57Road Alteration – O’Connor Drive and St. Clair Avenue East 
24-Apr-19TE5.69Traffic Control Signals – Lumsden Avenue and Cedarvale Avenue 
22-May-19TE6.52Vision Zero Pop-up Demonstration in Beaches-East York 
25-Jun-19TE7.112All-way Stop Control – Dunkirk Road and Glebemount Avenue 
25-Jun-19TE7.96All-way Stop Control – Frater Avenue and Glebemount Avenue 
25-Jun-19TE7.97All-way Stop Control – Virginia Avenue and Binswood Avenue 
25-Jun-19TE7.98All-way Stop Control – Virginia Avenue and Woodmount Avenue 
25-Jun-19TE7.99All-way Stop Control – Woodmount Avenue and Dunkirk Road 
25-Jun-19TE7.100Pedestrian Crossing Protection – Cosburn Avenue and Glebemount Avenue 
25-Jun-19TE7.95Stop Control – Angelone Lane at Woodmount Avenue 
25-Jun-19TE7.94U-turn Prohibition – Chapman Avenue