Politics should not be a career — it should be about community service. Community-building is about coming in, doing your best work and making room for new leadership. We need local representatives who are motivated to act, advocate for their community, and can hit the ground running once elected.

Toronto's 5 longest serving councillors have spent almost 150 combined years on the job. I support a two-term limit because like so many of you, I don’t think we need more career politicians at City Hall. Term limits allow for new ideas and more diversity on city council while also lowering the barrier to entry for aspiring municipal leaders.

If elected, I will serve Beaches-East York for two terms, and my community will get my best eight years. My experience in urban planning and community service and my City Hall know-how means I can start working for you from day one. I hear from residents every day that we need action now on community priorities. In BEY, we need a local representative who fights for safe streets, strong local businesses, and more community spaces right away.