An Update on #DestinationDanforth!

ByBrad Bradford

We’ve received some more information on the changes coming to the Danforth and I’m very excited to share them. Here we can see the initial design elements, with a protected cycle track, curb extensions, expanded space for patios, and 24/7 parking on both sides. As the folks who spend so much of their time on the Danforth, your input is incredibly valuable here. We now have a better idea of the changes coming and you may have proposals for how the design could be improved. Be sure to register here to join my virtual Community Meeting with the Danforth East Community Association on Monday June 22nd. If you can’t attend, do reach out to me at [email protected] and we can have a conversation about how to create the best Danforth possible.

Additionally, a document of frequently asked questions and answers about the incoming changes has been prepared. You can download that here: